The Most Untitled Poem

indecipherable words
muffled by cries
for not being deflowered
intonations incomparable to anything scarier
than losing hymen being gangbanged in barracks of city dungeons where worms live
and banished at dirty streets

tactics of loving you was all destroyed
deprived of genuineness
and destiny tells me you are in a trouble
big trouble
i will be more than your saviour
if you decide to tolerate my personal insects
i will appreciate to have you once unshattered
pure and giving hands to rain
with space in eyes quite wide to fill it with my tears
running all because of you
so fleeting princess

overfull with snivel
my heavy head is suffering for life
in fairy way chewing smiles
don’t make me laugh
last time I could have lost my plastic plate
i’m wearing for years
as you had made me burst out laughing
when you had showed me your perforated wings

it’s violence
it’s simple pain
it’s preference
when you are plain
for human reasons
for ordinary trends
dictating brands
involving mutilation of
wishing to say
fuck off
saying hello instead

Олег Малахов